Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rant Free Zone

I officially declare this blog to be a rant free zone for at the very least one month!
You see, one week from today I will be in Missoula,MT helping my beautiful little daughter in any way that I can, to finish preparing for her wedding!
Yay! Happy times.. lots of family, lots of pictures, lots of fun.
AND as a bonus, I am gaining a remarkable and very sweet son-in-law!
It just don't get any better than this!
Yay Mandi and Luis!
Yay me! Yay my family!

Mandi and Luis
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...Mandi and Luis a few years ago. Photo credit Luis' Mom...Doris

Monday, July 28, 2008

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope

..I have been a Postal Worker for 15 years...
that being said, I can not sit idly by and watch postal management continue to trash the United States Postal Service in the manner that they have been in recent months.
For instance, did you know that 14,000 new jobs have been created at headquarters in DC? True, although I may have to modify that number with further research. My information did come from someone in management (which, by the way inspires me to comment here that management on a local level is becoming quite disenfranchised with new operation procedures)
And yet, they continue to cut bargaining unit jobs and continue to apply pressure to management on the field to cut work hours. When I say "cut work hours" that means fewer people to do the same amount of work that more people previously did. Some of those people in the newly created jobs do nothing more than sit on a computer and monitor the activity in offices on the field. In real terms that means that when you go to the post office to mail a package, that computer that the window clerk is using is being "watched" from headquarters. I don't really have a problem with that on the surface,( being watched is part of the deal for a postal worker. We are after all handling very personal items that belong to millions of individuals. We are always being monitored on that level. The sanctity of the mail is always at stake and should be in my opinion) but if you break it down a bit and think about it logically, it makes no sense at all.
The individual sitting at their desk monitoring activity is making significantly more money than the person actually involved in the transaction. I don't even really have a problem with that except that they've put on all of these high $ jobs to monitor the lower paying jobs to see where they can cut . How on earth does that make any sense? Plus they tell us to beef up our transactions by using extra keys on the computer. Ever notice when you buy 3 books of stamps the clerk will scan each one separately instead of keying 3 and scanning just one book? They tell us to do that because it adds to our total transactions. So..... why make a rule and then figure out ways around it?
I have actually heard, with my own ears, someone from our district headquarters in Omaha say, "We aren't a service anymore, we're a business" Huh?! With business practices like these, we're sure to fail.
Which now brings me to the crux of the whole issue.
In 2006 george bush ( not only can I no longer refer to him as president, I can't even bring myself to capitalize his name. That would imply that he was an actual human being. ;-O )
signed into law the "Postal Reform Act of 2006" http://www.usps.com/postallaw/ Essentially lining up his good buddies in big business to swoop down and devour the remains of the USPS. Whatever is left after the current Postmaster proves that it can no longer be done the way it always has been. We are trying to fail!
Well, the truly sad thing about this is that the American public hasn't got a clue. They stand in line for 20 minutes to buy a book of stamps and by the time they get to the clerk they are PISSED OFF. Where are the damn stamp machines? Why are you guys so slow? How come you make so much money? ( one of my favorites) . Well, officially a 20 minute wait in line is OK with the big guys. They don't care. This has actually been discussed with the higher ups.
Gee, I wonder why they don't care? Could it be that they need the American people on their side when they humbly approach bush's big business cronies and say " help us please. we clearly can't do this right"? Did you notice that ALL of the stamp machines nationwide are gone. The one in WalMart, the one in your office, the one in the lobby of the damn Post Office? Believe me, there is a reason for that. They say that the cost of maintenance was becoming prohibitive. I don't believe it for a second. It's all part of the Design To Fail.
So, in my best Dennis Miller style I have ranted on about the topic long enough. My only advice, to anyone that cares, is to write to your Congressman, complain loudly, and PLEASE don't vote for any fat cat good old boys in your elections. We need some fresh thinking in Washington. Desperately... I'd imagine that the USPS story is just one of many that the American people are left in the dark on. It's scary to think about...

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't want to be an American idiot..

Just yesterday, a co-worker, after rudely attacking my political beliefs , went on to say that
the economy is stronger under the Bush administration than it has been for years.
I felt that I needed to get this written down immediately lest in the next week or so when I have recovered from some sleep deprivation I look back on it and assume the incident and comment to be a dream ... or something... because I truly can not imagine that I really heard a grown adult human being American type make this comment.
Do you suppose that Rush Limbaugh or a similar personality has truly gotten these people to believe that?!
The word that comes to my mind is unfathomable.
I can not fathom anybody buying into a blatant lie like that.
I'm pretty sure that people such as my co-worker are convinced that they will go to hell if they watch an actual credible news cast, so in light of that, I guess you can't know anymore than you've been taught.

ps. the title of this is a link to information regarding our economy in the US

Monday, July 21, 2008


I've just finished getting more education in teenage-ism.
It's another culture you know....
Overall, I truly enjoyed the "class". Fortunately, teenagers don't want to spend any more time with adults than adults do with them, so my education was in small bites. Very palatable that way.
I learned many things, but I believe the most interesting tidbit that I picked up is the term
" Jemo"

Yup, Jemo. I was up to speed on the word "Emo" and it's different applications in the teen world. You know, kids that capitalize to the max on their teen angst. Hair in their eyes because it's too painful to view the world with both eyes I guess. Or maybe they don't feel they deserve the use of two eyes at the same time. Lots of black clothing...eyeliner...and some other rather unsavory and dangerous activities that I'm not here to talk about.
Jemo is, get this.... Emo kids that are "Jesus freaks" (that's the word used to describe them to me. I'm just quoting here) Hence, Jemo kids.
And apparently said Jemos that live in Auburn, Ks spend their spare time hanging out in the cemetery. I asked my informant why that would be and he shrugged and said "they're Emo, who knows. They do shit like that"
So there you have it.
Jemo kids.
Who knew?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



richard compewing

Recently I received a text message from my sister asking me if I shouldn't be "Compewing" I laughed so hard! Compewing you see is a Dill family word. It was used most frequently by my Dad. Another Grandpa-ism so to speak. It means.... sleeping. Actually it has direct reference to snoring. You know... Coooommm ----pewww. I suspect it originated with one of us kids, but I'm not sure. Incidentally, it was quite late at night when my sister and I were texting each other. Hence, her question.

Well, I've been thinking that it might be fun to compile a list of Grandpa-isms. Mandi has been making good use of one of his words. *Snibble*
My Dad had a unique approach to language. And singing. He never sang a song the same way twice and any words that he didn't know, he would substitute whatever he thought would sound good at the time. I miss him so much.
Well anyway, I'd love to have a list of the words that my family remembers and record them on real paper so they won't be lost forever. Priceless memories...

How DO you spell *stample* anyway?

What Goes Around Comes Around ....

For years I have been a firm believer in the "what goes around, comes around" adage. The interesting thing is that I sometimes forget to apply that wisdom to myself.. dang..
Recently,there have been several instances that I have not been pleased AT ALL with what was coming around. Just yesterday as I was working in the garden it occurred to me that perhaps I was planting bad seed, crud... I can't believe that I would consider myself above such simple principal.
Interestingly, best that I can tell , nearly all religions incorporate this concept in their dogma. Most Christians know that Jesus Christ said " what so ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" and we've all heard the term karma...
Saying that one doesn't believe in this principal , to me , is similar to saying that one doesn't believe in say , gravity. It makes no difference if it's believed or not. It just is. Try jumping off a building if you don't believe me!

So, after a very short night's sleep, ( I laid awake for hours!) I'm off to improve the seed that I sow. Wish me luck! The ball is for sure in my court here!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

For Mandi

The videography history lesson for my daughter.
This reminds me of hot summertime on 31st Terr. (no air conditioning of course) Linda,Bruce and Judy were teenagers..I knew all the words to the songs on the radio..

In 1969 The Small Faces disbanded. Steve Marriott went on to form "Humble Pie" and the rest of the band became "The Faces" of Rod Stewart fame. I guess all those rock magazines I read as a kid stuck w/me. :o)

Oh and PS Mandi, Steve Marriott played "The Artful Dodger" in Oliver Twist as a child. (since I know you love all things British!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The right club for you | Here's why... - Anytime Fitness

The right club for you | Here's why... - Anytime Fitness

Tonight I toured a fitness club that I think I'm going to join. It's only four blocks from home, 24 hour access. I'll be hard pressed to come up with excuses.
I no longer take any prescription medication.Yippee! I figure the expense of the club will probably be less than the cost of the Rxs. Got to keep my doctor happy with my cholesterol levels and I'm tired of waging war against ulcers due to excessive ibuprofin usage. I really need to figure out a do-able way to keep my joints from being so rickety. Heck, I'm only 48!
Wish me luck. I think I'll call them tomorrow and set up an appointment with a trainer.
Woohoo! If my friends could see me now!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Ricky!

Sixteen years ago today my baby boy made his entrance into the world. It was one of the best times of my life. Our family had been enduring unimaginable stress due to very serious illness. In fact , my mother was hospitalized for the last four months of my pregnancy. We had three children at home already that were being largely ignored due to my Mother's illness and then .... on July 6th 1992 here comes a tiny hope. A tiny little bundle full of happiness and light heartedness. We had something positive to look after, a bright spot every single day. It was like huge burdens being lifted from our household. And for 16 years, he's been up to the task.
I still remember so many details about the day Rick was born... some of them so funny!
Like the stray kitten that Mandi and Rachael found, they wanted to keep him and name him Houdini. They were having so much fun. I didn't tell anyone that I was in labor until well after noon. I just wanted to be able to do my labor at home, where I was comfortable. I played video games ( should have been a clue to the girls since I never played video games) Back To The Future to be exact, on Nintendo. The one we had to blow the hair dryer in cuz it would have moisture in it. Sheesh almost seems like a thousand years ago, not just 16.
I had been off work since the 1st of July because Ricky was due on the 4th and it just seemed easier to go ahead and start my maternity leave.My boss had to invent maternity leave for me,because no one had ever needed it before! That's a whole nuther story though.
Rachael had just come home. She had been living with her Mother in Tennessee. I remember how TALL she looked. She hadn't really been gone all that long, but she must have grown six or eight inches while she was there. Cristie was working at TacoTico and saving her money for a car and Mandi was doing that Mandi thing. Waking up happy every morning and going to the pool with her friends. Heather Moon seemed to be with us quite a bit then too. She was Mandi's friend from across the alley and her mom had just had a baby in March I think.
Anyhoo, when Richard came home for lunch that day I told him I needed to go to the hospital. That was around 1-ish I think. He went back to work to drop some stuff off and then ran an errand ( you wouldn't believe it, so I won't mention it). By the time he got home, I was dressed and about to call a cab. Remember, no cell phones back then. I couldn't get in touch with him at all!
So off we go to the hospital. Apparently every full term woman in Topeka chose that day to go into labor, because they didn't even have a room for me! I sat in some kind of equipment room with a monitor on my gigantic belly, eventually they did have a bed for me.... in a supply room. It had all the necessary stuff but it also had a big closet where they stored linens and things, there were nurses and doctors in and out getting things the whole time. They were very nice though! Asking me how things were going and stuff, so overall, I enjoyed it. Except the part where I talked the nurse into a drink of water and barfed all over the place!
Total labor time at the hospital was probably only three hours tops. That's how I wanted it! Out pops Ricky, off I go to a nice room and within minutes my Mom and Dad are there to see us. My Mom was still in the hospital so Dad just wheeled her down . A super special memory.
Richard went home and got the girls to bring them up and they came and laid on my bed ( I had a regular double bed. I think the hospital was making up to me for all the lack of rooms earlier) and played with their new little brother. It was just the best. The very best of times ever.
The next day when we went home the girls had cleaned the house ( with the help of their friends even) and I still remember the coolness of the air and the smell of peaches. Peach carpet freshener and peach candles. That fragrance, whenever I smell it, always reminds me of that day.
And now we had little Ricky at home and I started to feel like a family again. Building new memories that didn't involve such heart ache.
Thanks Ricky! Happy Birthday buddy! I love you!


Friday, July 4, 2008

On This Day....A Bit Of Kansas Trivia...Happy Independance Day!

On this day,in 1804 Lewis and Clark celebrated the 4th of July at what is now Atchison,Kansas. Their celebration included the naming of two creeks. The Fourth of July Creek and Independence Creek; firing the cannons off their boats at dawn and dusk and extra rations of whiskey. I believe we Kansans have been celebrating similarly for the ensuing 204 years! Well, except the creek naming part.
I totally love 4th of July celebrations. I love fireworks,greasy food,homemade ice cream and of course beer. Everything consumed on disposable "tableware" so there aren't dishes to wash.Majestic orchestra music played on the radio all day. The smell of gun powder and punks. Awesome! PLUS, no gift giving stress! It just doesn't get any better than that in terms of holiday celebrations. WooHoo!

On a slightly different note. What the hell is wrong with Americans today? I've been thinking about our country and the folks that populate it this morning and I almost can not believe that we are the same peoples that dumped tea in a harbor because we were pissed about oppressive taxation and a controlling government.
I wonder what the Boston Tea Partiers would think today of Americans pulling their GINORMOUS vehicles into the gas station and filling them up with with $4/gal fuel then whipping out their credit cards to pay for the whole mess.
Holy hell!
The popular thing to say is "In Canada, Europe,wherever, they pay even more than we do. We're so lucky."
We didn't give a crap what the British were paying in taxes when we filled a harbor with tea,why do we give a crap what other countries are paying for gas?
Oh, I think we all know why. It boils down to our creature comforts. We aren't willing to give those up, now are we. After all, all the other soccer moms have big vans with dvd players in them. Poor Johnny might be made fun of at school if his Mom drove an economical vehicle and poor Johnny had to just sit in his seat and play license plate bingo instead of watching Shrek. God forbid any child should have a few minutes to actually just think and relax. They might realize that their childhood is being directed and run by ADULTS! Call a therapist ! Quick! Their autonomous feelings are being threatened!
Don't even let me get started on the Commuting insanity. I know, I know,it's very important to live miles and miles from where you work. It's a good enough place to hang out for 8 to 10 hours a day, but I wouldn't want to live there. The locals are so, well , poor and needy. Lets move to a "bedroom community" 50 or so miles away where Johnny and my soccer mom wife will have the life they deserve. I'm sure we have enough credit cards to pay for it all, and we can always transfer the balances if the pressure gets to be too much. We won't be like our parents and have cocktails every night to help us cope, (never trust anyone over 30. remember?). Instead,lets take anti-depressants and buy every pop-culture self help book on the market! That'll be better! Oh! Don't forget to give Johnny his ADHD medicine! Hey, while you're in the medicine cabinet, grab me some Prilosec. I got heart burn you wouldn't believe. Might have been that double Whopper I ate for lunch. I'm not sure...

Well, somewhere along the line, I have become completely disgusted with the excessiveness in our country. It's gross. And it's been a wonderful manipulative tool for the powers that be to swing things the way they want them to go. And yep, I'm a true "Conspiracy Theorist". Maybe our world is not quite The Matrix but it's right on track with that.
What if Rosa Parks had moved out of her seat? Rosa Parks had balls of steel and that's exactly what people need today. The guts to say Enough Already! Find me a damn harbor! I've got some tea to dump!

Happy Independence Day!
God Bless America!
She's a mess,but I love her!