Monday, February 18, 2008

Book Report

The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down

A Hmong Child
Her American Doctors
And The Collision Of Two Cultures

by Anne Fadiman

This book is the first book in many , many years that has moved me so much and caused me to view
everything differently. I challenge everyone to read this and see if you notice a shift in your empathies and opinions regarding others.
The story is very compelling (and true), but if it weren't for the spectacular writing of Ms. Fadiman, I don't think the resulting changes in my thought processes would have been so dramatic. Possibly the best book I've ever read.

Monday, February 11, 2008

there seems to be a wave of excitement sweeping the nation

I believe it has it's roots in the primaries and caucuses that are being held around the country. For the first time in thirty six months or more, people feel hopeful. Hopeful for the economy, hopeful for the idiocy in Iraq to be brought to a satisfactory end, hopeful that once again Americans can feel as though the people we elect to office (s) will actually carry out the will of their constituents and not THEIR own agenda , for OUR own good.
I have been very concerned about the youth in this country (20s/30s) and their apparent apathy regarding the direction the nation takes. Throw them a "Blackberry" and they'll be lulled back to some kind of " my life is pretty good , what does it matter" stupor. However, if my 15 year old son is any indication of what his generation is apt to be like as adults...look out Washington and all you "good ole boyz" , change is in the wind. He is well read regarding the political climate, he is astute in his assessments and possibly most importantly , he really has a genuine interest and cares.
I am hopeful and excited to see what the future brings. It feels good.