Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some Things That I've Learned In The Last 28 Days

I haven't posted for 28 days. Yet I've not been completely idle. I've learned some interesting things.
  • For instance
  • There is such a thing as Bad cake. And I made it. For some reason I thought that diet grape soda was the way to go with the famous Weight Watchers "soda can cake". It wasn't. Add to that the frosting I made with the color and texture of toothpaste and you've got one right there! A really bad cake!
  • Several weeks ( it feels like weeks) of minimal sunshine makes me lethargic. I mean REALLY lethargic. In fact I believe my photo has been added to Websters definition of lethargic. It's a cool word though!
  • Losing weight feels good! I'm down one pants size! Now if I have to wear a Mama Cass Caftan to my daughter's wedding , it will at least be slightly smaller! Yippee! I promised myself my first manicure when I dropped a size , so now I just have to decide what color of polish..
  • When I'm lethargic ( had to use the word one more time!), I read a whole lot!
  • It hurts a really whole lot to have a piece of jaw bone cut from your mouth with what would appear to be wire cutters. I have recommended the procedure to all of my masochistic friends.
  • On line banking is really fun. If they can make true on line grocery shopping, I may never get dressed on my days off!
  • The longer the winter , the worse the dogs smell... no details required here. Use your imagination!
so...these are some of the interesting things I've been busying myself with for the last 28 days. I didn't include all of the fun times I had, like having root planing done twice this month. Now there's a treat! Or on the bright side , the brilliant corned beef I made for St. Pats! Yes! Brilliant. It was awesome! Or the extremely decadent naps I've been taking every Sunday afternoon!
All in all, I'd say that it's been a fairly normal 28 days.
besides the cake....
and the jaw bone..

Sunday, March 2, 2008

weather report

So here's what it looks like for us today in Shawnee County Kansas.

There is a wind advisory in effect from 9:00 am - 6:00pm today. I can hear it as I sit here. Straight out of the south. Blowing like a house afire. The covers are blown off both of our grills,patio furniture is being tossed about , clouds scuttling across the sky.. It's darn windy!

So then-----are you ready?

A flood watch has been issued from 2:00pm - 12:00am
apparently the wind is blowing up some heavy storm and we're supposed to get torrential rainfall this afternoon and evening. By the way, the current temperature is 63F.

oh there's more!
A winter snow advisory is in effect for our area from 9:00pm - 6:00am mon.
the wind is supposed to change around to northerly, 20-30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. The rain changing to heavy , wet snow that will accumulate from one to three inches by morning!

Pardon my French....but WTF? Three severe weather advisories issued for one 24 hour period?
Sheesh...well, I guess if I'm going for a walk today, I'd better head out while it's only hurricane force winds
to deal with out there!

When we get crazy weather like this, I always think about the settlers and their first winters on the prairie. They were truly some tough hombres to hang in there in order to make the new life that they had envisioned for themselves. To me, the human spirit is the most inspiring thing on earth.
People are so cool.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


There is something disconcerting about finding grey hairs in your hair brush...
I'm accustomed to the occasional grey hair that stands straight up from the top of my head like a soldier at attention , but to have enough of them to have some fall out when I brush my hair is ..well.. worrisome. There must be significantly more of them than I realize.
I have asked both my husband and son to look at my hair and give me an assessment; my husband made jokes about being blinded by the reflection of the light on all of the grey and my son gave a cursory glance and declared that any grey was barely visible ( he was goofing around on "Facebook" so I suspect he just wanted me to go away)
I need a woman's view. I imagine a trip to the beauty shop is in order. Not something that I particularly like allotting time to do, but usually a fairly enjoyable experience once I get there.
I know women that go once a week at least. Some to get their nails done etc. The point is, they work that into their schedules every week! Bizarre behavior to me. Maybe I could figure a way to work it in monthly. Something to freshen up my hair a bit. Who knows? Maybe I'll like it so much I'll decide to move into the "manicured nails" world? A new adventure may lie around the corner.