Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh what a Grand Tale!
and Grand Tale must be capitalized.
This book has been likened to stories such as "The Old Man and the Sea"
"Robinson Crusoe" and others, but for me it was much like reading Grimms Fairy Tales.
It was a wonderful, captivating, awful, sad, delightful, compelling, horrific ..story.
I was like a fish on a hook. I thought I could try just a taste, but nibble after nibble and then suddenly SLAM! the hook was set, I was caught unawares and I couldn't stop. Oh and I did want to more than once. Stop that is. Sometimes it became just too much, but those non-stopping times were the times I put away more pages than ever.
I won't bore myself and anyone that may read this with a "book report", but I will say that although one reviewer said that this book would make you find God. I do not agree with that assessment. What it will do is restore your belief in the power of story telling. Because that's exactly what it is. Powerful , awesome story telling.
I loved this book!

Saturday, March 5, 2011