Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Tripod is Dusty

My tripod leans in exactly the same spot that I set it in February. My camera hangs in my closet.
So lately I've been taking my camera out and looking for at least something beautiful to see.
Sometimes things look even better through a viewfinder.
I don't post much to Flickr right now (publicly), because I don't have the time to visit a lot of contacts and that makes me feel like a heel.

Anyway, it made me happy to take these two shots, so I thought I'd post them here.
The Spiderwort is in my flower bed. It looked so pretty this morning with the sun shining so brightly on it.

The Puff Ball is in a weed patch at work. I really like these weeds, but I suppose that sooner or later someone with some 2-4-D will come along and spray them out. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy !
St. John's Wort

Blow It Off, Mary

Friday, May 22, 2009

Weird Americans that piss me off...

So I work with Jin. I have off and on for the last 16 years. We started at the Post Office on the same day in 1993.
She's in my top 10 favorite people in my world. She's funny, smart and works her tiny little butt off.
Did I mention that she has a degree in Chinese literature? Yeah, she's really smart. She was a teacher in Taiwan before she emigrated to the US. Here she works at the Post Office.
Such is life.
Anyway, she speaks really fine English. I have worked with a number of people of various ethnic backgrounds, and in my experience, Asian people struggle a little more with our language. They completely know what they want to say, but at times you can see them reaching for the exact translation that they want. Even after many, many years. This is absolutely no reflection on their intelligence. Our languages are simply just so very different.
Anyway, I have noticed that at times some Americans will either
a) assume that the Asian person they are speaking with is not very intelligent
b) assume that the person has very little command of the English language.

Big mistake .. on both parts.

Oh yeah Mr. Redneck, she understands every word you're saying
and don't forget that Chinese Literature degree...
just saying.

Anyway, the other day a fellow came to Jin's window at the P.O. to do some business.
(I actually wasn't there that day, but the story has been repeated to me on numerous occasions)
Apparently, he wasn't happy with the service he received(or else he was just just a tired, grouchy bastard), but instead of dealing with that issue, he stalked off and threw over his shoulder the comment "I need someone who speaks English"
I guess this guy had held up the line for quite some time and was loud enough that he had the attention of everyone in the room. Including the Asian guy right behind him in line.
As Mr. Annoyed walked away, Greg, one of our co-workers, said, "She DOES speak English"
and life at the P.O. continued on. Greg waited on the young Asian man who had been behind Mr. Annoyed and they discussed the situation a bit during the transaction.

ANYWAY, the point of this whole story is that the young Asian man from the other day was in our midst again today..
and today he taught us how to say "that guy is stupid" in Chinese. (with some extra coaching from Jin. :o) so.....the next time Mr. Annoyed shows up, we've all agreed to greet him with the only phrase we all know in Chinese. It maybe won't make much sense, but we'll all feel better. And our friend Jin will know we love her.
Revenge is sweet!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I love shiny dangly things. I have shiny things hanging from tree branches , from curtain rods , lamps... It's just a thing I have. Perhaps I have a crow gene or something.
anyway, I saw this one at Pier One Imports the other day, and denied myself the pleasure. so yesterday... I went back and bought it. it's hanging in an east window. it's a happy thing this morning with the sun shining through it!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where I sometimes go for advice

“Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all
the things you can't hear, and not bothering.”

Winnie the Pooh