Monday, June 23, 2008

Ack! I've been away forever!

Nearly everyday I think of something I would like to write...then I don't do it and soon I forget what it was....alas,poor me.

My beautiful daughter Mandi is getting married in August in Missoula,MT. Just getting clothes,airline tickets,car rental, etc. has filled my brain to capacity. It's not that any one of those things is particularly difficult , it's just that I can only focus on one thing at a time very effectively. Argh! Good news is that the plane tickets are purchased, housing is secured, car rental, done. My dress on the other hand remains a struggle. I'm too short and wide for these formals that willowy models wear and the stuff intended for people such as myself are OLD LADY clothes! B@%*S*&@...not wearing them! I'll wear an old hippie outfit first!
Actually, I'm down to probably one of two choices. It's going to work out perfectly, I'm sure of it.

On a really cool note, my son-in-law to be, come Aug. just ran (swam, biked..I'm not sure of the appropriate way to say that he participated in... maybe that's the way!) his second IronMan triathlon. He IS Iron Man! He's a fantastic example of someone deciding what they want to be and then doing it. I'm extremely impressed. Very inspiring. Go Luis!!

Well, this pretty much explains what I've been doing with my brain for about a month now. I haven't even picked up my camera much... boohoo.. I do get to do a little shoot of Ricky's band later this week or next. I'm pretty excited about that. I actually like teenagers you know. Maybe don't broadcast that one around too much. But it's true, I enjoy their energy and zest for living. Fearless and ignorant. It's a real buzz for me. Not for a gazillion hours at a time, but in reasonable bites. In other words, I couldn't teach high school or something.

Well , that's me for today. Hopefully I'll be back in a day or two!